Classic Overbust

Embellished Morúa Classic Overbust Corset

Classic Overbust

The corset has a dramatic cinched waist and a subtle hourglass shape around the ribs. The silk satin elaborately embellished by hand. Alencon corded lace forms the base of the motif with beaded Chantilly layer over it. Intricately beaded flowers and clusters, sequined blooms form a glittering forest. Scattered vintage sequins and a few hundred black Swarovski crystals complete the sumptuous effect. Hand made by Gerry Quinton the corsetière behind Morúa

Chris Yates Photography

Morúa designs are hand crafted individually. Morúa offers various levels of customization for corsetry. Gowns and bespoke designs are priced individually.

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