Morúa Corsetry

Of the five custom corsets I’ve had made, I’ve never had one fit better, nor had better customer service.”


Morúa Corsetry

Morúa corsets are known for their smooth, delicate lines, dramatic shaping and graceful proportions.


Morúa corsets are sturdy but not bulky. They are as light as possible while still maintaining the structure and strength needed for this specialty garment. Most Morúa corsets use coutil in their construction but this may vary depending on the style and purpose of the corset.

Morúa corsets are boned using a combination of spiral steel and spring steel boning carefully placed to provide the best support. Steel boning is ideal for corsets because it is strong, durable, and flexible. Most corsets comes with about 26–30 steel bones; additional boning can be added for those who prefer very firm support.

Morúa Corsets are suitable for tight-​lacing. Each corset will have: a waist tape; handmade bias binding or petersham ribbon; anatomically arranged two-​part eyelets; and front modesty panel when a two part busk (front closure) is used. Typical construction methods include reinforced seams, interior or exterior boning channels, and hand basted and steamed shaping. These details may be invisible to the wearer, but they ensure that Morúa’s corsetry is of the highest quality.


Morúa’s philosophy is that a corset should be a supportive, enhancing garment, not an uncomfortable piece of armor. Fit and comfort are of utmost importance in corsetry. You should feel tall and feminine rather than fragile and uncomfortable while wearing a corset. A corset will feel more supportive and restrictive than modern clothing, but it should never feel uncomfortable or painful. If so, it does not fit properly. A perfectly fitted corset will mold your to natural shape, cinch your waist, and smooth your curves.


Morúa corsets are priced individually, based on the level of complexity and customization.

  1. Made to Order

    A corset is made with your choice of a range of fabric to measurements from a standard size chart. This is currently only available for underbust corsets. Please inquire for size chart.
    Underbust base price: $475

  2. Made To Measure

    A corset is drafted and made to your measurements with your choice of fabrics.
    Underbust base price: $700
    Classic Overbust base price: $900

  3. Made to measure with mock up fittings

    A corset is drafted  made in your choice of fabric with mock up fittings for best fit.
    Underbust base price: $900
    Classic Overbust base price: $1100

  4. Bespoke

    Individually designed and patterned from scratch in a unique style. Includes sketches, fabric sourcing, and multiple mock-​ups. This may involve several fittings.
    Overbust corset from: $1500


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