October 7, 2014, No Comments , Musings

Many years ago I shared photographs, thoughts and ideas on LiveJournal.  With its informal, diary-​like platform, this early social network allowed me to share my explorations of corsetry and fashion and to develop great friendships along the way.  Over the years, like many others, I migrated to Facebook and other outlets. These short, irregular bursts and glimpses into my work are often lost in a sea of algorithms and are neither as engaging nor as satisfying as those earlier posts.  And so I return to longer form of expression with this blog.

Here, I intend to explore my little corner of the fashion world. There will be a great deal of corsetry; but other things as well.  Progress photos, behind the scenes chatter, a bit of travel, and as I prepare to open my first showroom probably a lot of DIY.  In the last year Morúa has experienced great deal of change; not least moving across the ocean from London to Chicago. I hope that you will join me as I embark on new journeys.


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