Each Morúa garment is exclus­ively made for you. We fit your garment either in person, or remotely via the mock-up fitting service.

How it works

  • Choose a style you like from the cata­logue.
  • Contact me with the style, colours and fabric type that you might like for your unique garment. Let me know there are any extras or modi­fic­a­tions that you would like incor­por­ated into your order. If you’re looking for some­thing and can’t find it here, I’m happy to design a one of a kind piece for you. Please contact me with your idea.
  • Based on your request I will send you a quote. Then we can discuss the quote and set up a per­sonal consultation.

Making your garment

  • If you accept the quote, I will ask 50% deposit for most pieces before proceeding.
  • At this point I will need your meas­ure­ments. I can take them when we meet in person, or you can send to me them using a meas­ure­ment form that I will provide.
  • I will then draft a pattern based on your meas­ure­ments and make a mock-up version of your garment in a plain cotton fabric.
  • The mock up will be tested at your next fitting or sent to you through the post so we can test it remotely using photo­graphs and a mock up fitting guide. This is how we will perfect the fit of the final piece.
  • After this you’re done. It’s time to sit back relax and wait while your bespoke Morúa garment is con­structed. Corset designs usually take 6–8 weeks from the time we receive payment and measurements

Delivery time

Delivery time varies depending on the type of garment you’ve ordered, com­plexity of the design, and loca­tion. An estim­ated delivery date will be included in your per­sonal quote, so please let me know if you are ordering for a special occasion. Corset designs usually take 6–8 weeks from the time we receive payment and measurements.


Orders are shipped via insured mail and cost will depend on the item and destin­a­tion. Shipping will be included in your indi­vidual quote. We cannot be held respons­ible for customs charges or delays in delivery for customs pro­cessing. Please allow extra time for inter­na­tional deliveries.

How to Pay

  • Bank Transfer
    Bank trans­fers will be accepted for payment from both local and inter­na­tional clients. Orders will be not be begun until payment is cleared with bank. Morúa is not respons­ible for charges asso­ci­ated with an inter­na­tional bank transfer.
  • Cheque
    Payment is avail­able by cheque to UK clients only. Orders will be started when payment clears bank.
  • Credit / Debit Card
    You can pay online through Paypal.PayPal’s terms and condi­tions and security meas­ures apply to all online orders such as credit card or debit payments.


Our returns policy is simple: if there is a problem with the fit of your garment we will work with you until you are satis­fied. However, this does not include changes in fit due to weight fluc­tu­ation, or changes to the design or colour once the garment has been constructed.