Modern Hourglass OverbustModern Hourglass Overbust

From £425.00

This is a sup­portive, flat­tering and com­fortable corset that will make you feel utterly fem­inine and gor­geous. It provides fant­astic tummy flat­tening and bust support.

The greatest part of the waist cinch is taken at the sides accom­mod­ating the natural shape of the ribs. This creates the dis­tinctive hour­glass shape of this style. It comes with 22–28 steel bones; a com­bin­ation of spring and spiral steel care­fully placed to provide the best support. Extra boning can be added for those who prefer very firm support. Like all Morúa Corsets this style is suitable for tight-lacing.

The bust line and hip curves can be tailored to indi­vidual shapes and preferences.

This is Morúa’s most popular style developed over years of research and fitting.


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