Edwardian S CurveEdwardian S Curve

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This demi-bust corset is inspired by an Edwardian pattern. The front is straight and heavily boned to create a smooth front while the back and sides are curved to encourage a slight sway back. This is a mod­ified version of this style and softens the very extreme S shape of the ori­ginal 1900’s version.

It fea­tures com­plicated boning that that forms an under­lying support network that gives it an unique shape. Hip gores further accen­tuate the shaping.

Quilted hip gores, con­trasting panels and pipping are just some of the options that can be used to per­son­alise this style.

This style uses 28–36 spring steel bones. Recommended for more exper­i­enced corset wearers.

Corset & Skirt: Morúa Designs ©Sarah Ann Wright 2012

Photography ©Sarah Ann Wright 2012

Blue Silk Edwardian with 1930's glass glitter trim.

Blue Silk Edwardian with 1930’s glass glitter trim.


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